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Bleached Dewax Shellac

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Bleached Dewax Shellac

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Product Description

The quality of dewaxed bleached shellac depend on good process technology and quality raw material. Good quality seedlac needs carefull treatment from sticklac harvest, storage to process of seedlac, in case sticklac stored in high temperature and high moisture content, the sticklac will become block and solid during storage, this gives rise to the quality of seedlac become worse. With advanced technolgy and based on stable supply of seedlac from south of Yunnan -- the main shellac harvest area in China, we strictly control the quality of seedlac in the whole supply chain. The quality index according to FDA requirements. Each years, we provide 600ton food grade bleached dewaxed shellac for domestic and oversea customer. 

Specification of our bleached dewaxed shellac: 
Color: 0.5-5 (according to request of customer) 
Acide No.: 75-92 
Ash: Max. 0.3% 
Hot alcohollnslubile: Max. 0.2% 
Moisture: Max. 4.0% 
Saponification No.: 210-250 
Wax: Max. 0.2% 
Pb: Max 1ppm 

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